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Jessaline Photography

About Jessica

This is life...
simple and elegant.

I love photographing people and spaces… I can happily spend hours wandering amongst the nervous excitement of wedding guests… or wooing a giggling toddler until their smile melts the insides of your heart…

Through my lens I see a beautiful world,
and if you do too then you've
come to the right place.

A little about me…

My first job in photography was for a wedding photographer in my hometown of Montreal, Canada when I was 18. I spent the summer falling in love with the romance of weddings and learnt how to juggle the many responsibilities of a professional photographer… From there I moved to Vancouver, and while continuing to photograph weddings, alongside various inspiring photographers, I started working with children and families. And then there was the year I spent photographing over 100 music events, film and radio personalities, chefs, designers, fashion models, spreads for magazines, and corporate functions. It was absolutely fascinating!

​With my roots firmly planted
within a fine art background,
I seek to capture
beautiful moments naturally.

However love and fresh air were calling, and I soon found myself surrounded by fields, livestock and the hum of tractors. While my accent will always have an amusing Canadian undertone, I have called the lush countryside of East Anglia home since 2010. When I’m not photographing for clients, I’m capturing silly moments of my own family and the pitter-patter of little feet.

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